I’m Almassa, I’m 14, and I like pizza. Some of my hobbies include shopping, taking pictures, travelling (if it counts as a hobby?) and listening to music. Black is and always will be the new black. I am in the ninth grade and I’m obsessed with Young & Hungry and Scream Queens (I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re under 13). By the way, One Direction is bae. My motto is “if it’s not food, then it’s not relevant.” (The author of this quote is me)

Stay Gucci,



  1. Paul said…

    Lol. I think you should delete your sample page.
    (btw im not stalking u im looking at EVERYBODY’S blog)

  2. Miss W. said…

    G’day Almassa,
    You have a great writing style, especially the use of brackets or parentheses. Photography and travelling certainly count as hobbies – I also have another blog written by a little Tasmanian Devil soft toy about our travelling together. Feel free to visit http://mrdevil.edublogs.org

    • almassaisd19 said…

      Thanks Ms. W! I’ll be sure to check that out.

  3. wenzelmjc said…

    Heyyy, thanks again for viewing my blog. I also love One Direction, and have seen them in concert twice. Have you seen them in concert???

    • almassaisd19 said…

      No, unfortunately, I haven’t. But, you’re extremely lucky to have done so!

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